Lorna Montgomery Lifelong Learning Fund

The Ontario Association for Infant and Child Development (OAICD) supports training and education for its membership.  The Lorna Montgomery Lifelong Learning Fund (LMLLF) was established by OAICD in 2017 to honour Lorna Montgomery who was a founding member of the Board, a visionary in the field of early intervention, and who had a passion for continuing education.

The LMLLF is:

·       managed by the OAICD Board and community members as required

·       administered fairly and equitably across the OAICD Regions in Ontario

·       reviewed annually to evaluate criteria and ensure adequate funds are available

·       open to individuals and programs who are current members of OAICD and are working in the field of Infant and Child Development

·       for education that is evidence and/or research based and relevant to the field of Infant and Child Development

·       prioritized for first time recipients

·       shared publicly via annual reporting at the OAICD Annual General Meeting, website, and social media with consent from the recipient in order to promote the fund

The fund is to be used for:

1)    Group Regional Education

2)    Individual Learner

3)    Special Request

4)    Educational sessions provided by the OAICD Board

The full description of policy and application process as well as the application form can be viewed and downloaded here.

LMLLF policy process description

LMLL Application Form Nov 2018