Best Practices

Best Practices for Infant Development Programs

In the case of O.A.I.D Best Practices, the values are extensively reviewed in the Guiding Principles. The Best Practices Manual and the Program Self Evaluation Tool concentrate on the goals for performance. The O.A.I.D. Best Practices are stated in goal format. As with all goals, Best Practices offer a direction for the future. We do not expect that programs can equally well meet these Best Practices. Best Practices are rated on a continuum, according to how frequently a program carries out the activities. Most programs will fall somewhere along this continuum, influenced by many factors such as funding, program policy, consumer input, and government regulations. While some of these factors can present barriers to achieving Best Practices, it is crucial that programs view these barriers as challenges to be overcome rather than permanent impediments. It is expected that programs will use the Program Self Evaluation Tool to creatively minimize or eliminate barriers. We urge programs to recognize the importance of Best Practices with regards to providing the highest quality of services and to accept the challenge of working towards the achievement of all Best Practices.

Download the Manual and Program Self Evaluation Tool below

OAICD Best Practices Manual 2006

OAICD Best Practices Manual (French)